November 2018 - New features and changes

Friday, November 16, 2018

As part of our commitment to empower people and organizations with Measurement and Verification (M&V) solutions, we are expanding the integration capabilities for 3rd party apps.


New feature: Embed your reports in web pages

We're excited to announce that Permanent URLs (Permalinks) have been added to your reports and widgets. These URL's are public accessible and users visiting these links will be able to see the latest live version of the chart. With only a few clicks you can now embed EnergyID charts in your own web pages.

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New feature: Incoming Webhooks

We're introducing Incoming Webhooks allowing you to automatically POST metering data into your EnergyID record.

  1. Activate an Incoming Webhook for your EnergyID record
  2. Get you secret URL to post metering data to
  3. Create a JSON payload to send to EnergyID


Preview of the EnergyID REST API

The EnergyID REST API pre-release is a continuation of our journey to make EnergyID an open platform for developers. We use modern web development standards, so developers can build smarter apps. The EnergyID REST API is available for you to create, delete, manage, and list records, meters and meter readings and to get measurement and verification (M&V) results.


New feature: Manage your connected accounts

The Connected Accounts page is where you can see and manage all the apps that you connected to your EnergyID account. To access this feature, go to the user menu at the top of the screen and select Integrations > Connected Accounts.


Update: General availability of Klimaatscholen 2050 integration

We're proud to announce the general availability of the Klimaatscholen 2050 integration, automating energy monitoring for 1500 schools.

Only available in the Flemish region. 


Here is a summary of other changes to EnergyID.

New feature: E-Waste meter

You can now keep track of the amount of electronic waste you drop-off in a collection point, for recycling. When tracking e-waste, don’t just track your devices, track all the peripherals that go with them — chargers, cables, batteries, gaming controllers, earphones and anything else that supports your devices. E-waste tracking may be a long-term project, perhaps tracking for a year to determine how much waste is created from your entertainment and technology habits.