July 2018 - New features and changes

Friday, July 6, 2018

Here is a summary of the latest changes to EnergyID


New feature: Organic Waste, PMD, Soft Plastics, Paper & Cardboard, Glass and Residual Waste meters

You can now keep track of the amount of collected waste for your household or organization. With six new meters we cover the most common collected waste fractions. These fractions can be classified into biodegradable, recyclable and non-recyclable. We’ll be gradually adding more features for managing and reducing waste, starting with a waste report.


Updated feature: Create a new record in only 3 steps

Due to the increasing popularity of our data integrations many users no longer require a manual electricity, gas or water meter. From now on, the new and improved wizard for creating a record only deals with building-level data. Once the record is created, you can add manual meters or configure an automated data source. This flow works in all scenarios, whether you have manual meters, automated meters, or a mix of both.


Updated feature: Specify the number of registers for a new Electricity meter

You can now specify the number of registers when you create a new Electricity meter. We currently support single, dual and 3-register electricity meters. For each register, a new meter object is created.


Updated feature: Simplified flow for new users to join a Group

We reduced the number of clicks required to join a Group in case you have no EnergyID account yet. As a result, you no longer need to click multiple times on the ‘Join’ button.


New feature: Delete your EnergyID account

In case you no longer use EnergyID, you can now permanently delete your account. 
What you should know:

  • Your account will be immediately deactivated.
  • You can reactivate your account within a period of 14 days by logging in again
  • As soon as your account is deactivated, no one can see your personal data


New feature: Download your EnergyID archive

You can download a file containing all your metering data, starting from your very first meter reading.


New integration: Klimaatscholen 2050

We developed a new integration to automatically provide energy consumption data for up to 1500 Belgian schools. Currently in preview mode only.


New region: EnergyID is now available in German (Belgium)


Updated privacy policy for all regions

All users have to accept the updated privacy policy to continue using our services.


We’re replacing the data storage system for meter readings

Up until now, all your meter readings were stored into a relational database. To better support more users and high resolution data from digital meters we are gradually migrating to a non-SQL and highly scalable storage system. The migration will be completed by the end of September.