About us

The cooperative company EnergieID cvba-so

EnergieID is an initiative of two young belgian fathers determined to contribute to the big climate challenge: Diedrik Kuypers and Vincent Dierickx. In 2010, they experienced how few people understand their own consumption and decided to bundle their expertise (respectively IT development and energy monitoring) to build an easy energy monitoring website for family and friends. On July 1st 2011, energieID.be went live.

The founders think that Climate change is such a big threat that collaboration is necessary. They also wanted the long term goal to take priority over making big profits. Diedrik and Vincent therefore decided to form a co-operative company with social finality. EnergieID cvba-so first saw light on 17 September 2014. As social objective was chosen to contribute to an ecologically sustainable, socially just and economically stable society by setting up services in the field of information technology.  The co-operative members control together the integrity of the platform.

The platform wants to be a unique and safe haven for domestic and organizational consumption data. The data collected is not used for advertising or other commercial purposes. The user always decides with whom they share data. The user can also use the platform without sharing and all imported data is always exportable. To be able to offer the best possible actionable insights on the longer term, EnergyID is co-creating its analytics with the collaborative OpenGrid project, building opensource python energy and building data mining and automation algorithms. Are your a python enthousiast, check it out and JOIN today.


The Team:

Vincent Dierickx

Diedrik Kuypers 

Jan Pecinovsky

Max Helskens